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1. Government Resolution (PESB Resolution) Dt. 03 March 1987 01/01/2021 Download(116 KB) Highlight Img
2. Government Resolution (PESB Resolution) Dt. 11 November 2008 01/01/2021 Download(116 KB) Highlight Img
3. Compendium of Guidelines Regarding Board Level Appointments in Central Public Sector Enterprises 28/01/2020 Download(1007 KB) Highlight Img
4. Number of attempts in a calendar year 08/05/2019 Download(4 KB) Highlight Img
5. Modification in Benchmark 08/05/2019 Download(55 KB) Highlight Img
6. Government Resolution (PESB Resolution) No.-44011/2(s)/2013-Estt.(B) Dated 10-June-2016 08/05/2019 Download(118 KB) Highlight Img
7. Government Resolution (PESB Resolution) No. 44011/8/2006-Estt.(B) dated 04-April-2008 08/05/2019 Download(2787 KB) Highlight Img
8. SPR Proforma 'A' for Extension of Service 06/04/2019 Download(519 KB) Highlight Img
9. SPR Proforma 'A' for Confirmation 06/04/2019 Download(1926 KB) Highlight Img